Measurements & Analysis


Welcome to the world of measurements! ME 4505/4506 Measurements and Analysis with Thermal Science Application is where students learn how to measure pressure, strain, temperature, heat transfer, fluid flow and more. The goal in this class is to learn to plan and execute experiments and to analyze and present experimental data. In addition to the standard lab activities, each lab group does an independent term project to develop and execute their own measurement experiment. To facilitate this, we have a library of sensors that students can check out and use outside of the lab. Check out some of our Past Projects or browse our Sensor Library to the right. 



Experiments are designed to require                               Students performing the Temperature 
  teamwork, experimental design,                                         Measurement Lab. The goal is to 
     and troubleshooting skills.                                         learn to calibrate and compare temperature
                                                                                       measurement devices and to determine 
                                                                                  an unknown  temperature as accurately as possible.      


The lab features a wide variety of equipment,                      Students performing the pressure lab, 
    including power supplies, voltmeters,                               where they must use both analog and 
    pressure sensors, temperature probes,                             digital pressure devices to verify
       flow meters, and strain gauges.                                     the accuracy of a bank of regulators



These students are putting the skills                              These students built a device to measure 
learned in their Heat Transfer course                                the pressure produced when you add
to work measuring a heated cylinder                                       Menthos(tm) to Diet Coke(tm).
              in cross flow.                                                         More Menthos = lots of pressure!



For their term project, these students                          New in Fall 2013, the Heat Exchanger lab allows 
measured how much sound leaked                              students to explore the relationship between 
from different brands of headphones.                                      flow rate and heat transfer
                                                                                            in a water-water heat exchanger. 


                             Students hard at work performing the Heat Exchanger experiment.