Material Testing Lab


Welcome to the Materials Testing Lab. Two courses meet in this lab: ME2340 Introduction to Materials Science and ME2355 Strength of Materials. This lab contains a JEOL JSM-6360 SEM and a Leica Optical Metallograph, both with image analysis capability. The lab also features a complete array of sample preparation equipment, including grinding and polishing stations, etching facilities, and a carbon coater. Mechanical testing equipment includes a Charpy impact tester, hardness testing, and an Instron testing frame. When lab classes are not meeting, the equipment is available for undergraduate and graduate research and independent projects. Contact one of our staff for access.



Buehler MetaServ 250 Grinder/Polisher                                  Buehler Polimet Polishing Station
  with automatic polishing head



Cressington 108C Auto Carbon Coater                                   Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester



            Torsion Tester                                                 JEOL JSM 6360 Scanning Electron Microscope


Charpy Impact Toughness Tester                                                      Instron 5582 Testing Frame



                                            Leica DMILM Inverted Optical Microscope


                                            Instron MT MicroTorsion Testing System