Machine Shop


The MIE Machine shop is managed by head machinist Jon Doughty. Qualified students have access to milling machines, lathes, a CNC lathe, bandsaws, sheet metal bending, and more. Students who wish to use the shop must discuss their plans with Jon and be authorized by him before any work is done. For those students who do not have machining experience, Jon or our other machinist Kurt Braun can assist. If you need machining help, be prepared to provide a properly dimensioned drawing and an explanation of what is required. In addition, the course IE 4530 Manufacturing Systems and Techniques meets here.  The shop also has a supply of scrap metal for small jobs, as well as hand tools and small power tools to borrow. Safety is our first priority in the shop, so please read the safety links below and get permission before any work is performed. See you in the shop!



Qualified undergraduate and graduate students              The shop has a number of milling machines 
 can use the machine shop for their capstone                                           available.
        or other independent projects.



  There are six lathes in the shop.                               The instructional shop is where IE 4530 meets. 



  More views of the instructional shop.                        The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathe is
                                                                                      programmable for a range of possible parts.