Dynamics & Vibrations


Lots of things happen here! ME3455 Dynamics and Vibrations uses this lab for demonstrations and experiments all about the dynamic behavior of mechanical systems. ME4505 Measurements and Analysis with Thermal Science Application uses this space for mechanical power and wind tunnel experiments. Speaking of our Wind Tunnel - this is a resource that gets used for outreach, graduate research, undergraduate research, and lab experiments. We also have a Pelton Wheel for demonstrating fluid flow and hydrodynamic power. Come down and check it out!


   This experiment, featured at the                             The Pelton Wheel demonstrates and measures
ASEE Bring Your Own Experiment showcase                              hydrodynamic power.
   at the 2013 ASEE Annual Convention,
   allows ME 4505 students to measure
the power generated by a bicycle generator. 



    The Wilberforce pendulum is                                     Torsional vibration device, used for 
a classic experiment in dynamic motion.                              Dynamics and Vibrations. 



The double pendulum, another dynamic                              Vibrating beam experiment for
           motion experiment.                                                        dynamics and vibrations



    The wind tunnel gets used for outreach, graduate level research, and measurements experiments. 


    The Whitworth Quick Return Mechanism, Designed by Capstone Students.