Capstone Design


Capstone Design is a two semester sequence for senior students that requires them to take a problem from the definition phase all the way through to a working prototype. The Capstone Design studio has both computational space and space to build and test prototypes. Each Capstone team of 3-5 students has a locker and tools that they can use to turn their ideas into reality. In addition, we have two Stratasys 3D printers, one with dissolveable supports, that allow students to rapidly prototype their design inspirations. The Capstone lab is available to students enrolled in ME4701/ME4702 Capstone Design 24/7. For more information, see the links on the MIE website



  This team is working on a device for                                  Together with their sponsor at
rehabilitation of chronic ankle instability.                      Children’s Hospital Boston, this team is helping 
                                                                              improve respiratory ventilation for children and infants. 


   This team is creating a device to                                Students in Capstone design may encounter 
aid physical therapists in gait rehabilitation.                controls problems, mechanical systems problems,  
                                                                                 measurement problems and materials problems.       
                                                                               Their job is to use all their training to overcome them.  


This group created a flexible platform to                           The capstone lab gets very busy as
   teach middle school students about                                           the deadline nears!
     energy efficient house design.                                                                     



Our Stratasys Dimensions 1200es                             We have two Stratasys BST 3D printers that use 
3D Fused Deposition Modeling printer prints             ABS plastic, but with breakaway supports 
in ABS plastic with dissolvable supports.                   and a 10” x 10” x 10” build space. 
It features a 10” x 10” x 12” build space.                    Both of our 3D printers are available for 
Contact Jon Doughty for more information.               Capstone Design prototyping.Other users may be 
                                                                                   charged for material  - contact Jon Doughty for 
                                                                                                        more information. 


          Viper SLA 3D Printer